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Scrap Stainless Steel Recycling

Completely and infinitely recyclable stainless steel is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, attractive appearance, and high strength. It forms a layer of chromium oxide when in contact with oxygen to protect and repair itself.

The material is mainly an alloy of iron and chromium. It is a type of steel that contains a minimum of 10.5% chromium. Oftentimes, titanium, niobium, or other materials are added to stainless steel to enhance its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The “green material” almost has a 100% recovery rate, meeting all the needs of sustainable construction. And at Recycled Metal Companies, we contribute to this sustainable approach by recycling scrap stainless steel from many industries. Contact us now!

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We Recycle All Types of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is non-degradable and can be fully recycled without compromising on its quality. The material has an excellent ability to maintain its strength at high temperatures. Therefore, we can recycle all forms of stainless steel. Items such as decorative structures, wiring instruments, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, aerospace components, heaters, and medical equipment are some of the most commonly recycled parts.

When stainless steel comes into contact with elements such as water, it doesn’t leach any compounds that might modify its composition. It makes stainless steel ideal for building applications, sustainable construction, and making equipment for industries, including energy, transportation, research, food, medicine and logistics. We specialize in recycling stainless steel in the most energy-efficient way. Our high-quality processed materials are utilized to produce new steel products for various industrial and commercial purposes.

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Purchase and Sale of Stainless Steel

Utilizing materials from a myriad of industries and companies, we recycle and produce top-quality stainless steel suitable for numerous uses. Our stakeholders provide us with a diverse assortment of recyclable stainless materials that can be turned into valuable parts.

With our cutting-edge technology and quality-oriented recycling program, we can remanufacture stainless steel to meet every specific need of our client. Our dedication, efficiency, and on-time delivery make us one of the most trusted stainless steel recycling companies in the international market. Our materials are regularly used by the electrical industry, transportation industry, aerospace industry and more. Since the 1990s, we have been supplying outstanding products at unbeatable rates. Call us now to ask for a quote!

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Our Stainless Steel Recycling Process

We use specialized technology during our recycling process to separate and prepare the alloy for remelting. Our recycling process breaks the scrap into smaller pieces by feeding it to a shredder. We then chemically analyze the result and store it by type. The process often includes blending the scarps into other materials, such as nickel alloy or chrome steel, to improve the efficiency of the stainless steel.

We melt the scraps along with other raw materials before removing the impurities and refining the molten metal. After that, we run a final chemistry analysis on the metal to determine whether it needs any adjustments for the steel being produced. Our professionals use molten stainless steel to create slabs before they go into production for plates, sheets, coils, and wires. Throughout our stainless steel recycling process, we ensure the purity and composition of the material are never harmed.

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Why Recycle Stainless Steel With Us?

Whether you want to sell scrap metals or you want to buy custom items made of scrap metals, consider dealing with us. With years of experience, we have gathered a deep knowledge of markets around the globe.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we offer you the best prices in the industry. Every year, we recover thousands of tons of metals, including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Also, if you want to purchase from us, we are here to provide you with personalized solutions. To get a quote for metal recovery and recycling – contact us today.

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