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Recycled Metal Companies is the number one reference for scrap copper recovery and recycling. We both purchase and sell metals. And we facilitate that only for industrial and commercial recycling with a large quantity.

We handle both simple and complex forms of copper gathered from an extensive range of industries. Apart from buying copper pipes and wires, we also purchase copper alloys such as cupronickel, brass, bronze, etc. We buy copper bearing filter cakes, grinding sludges, and wire drawing material as well, in large quantities.

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A soft, ductile, metallic element, copper has a distinct reddish-brown colour. In industrial fields, copper is used in large quantities as an electrical conductor. Also, this is used in manufacturing alloys, such as brass and bronze.

Copper is a highly effective conductor of electricity. That is why it is largely used in the production of electric motors, electrical wiring, and generators. Besides, it is used in making electronic goods, such as radio and TV sets. Also, since copper is considered an effective heat conductor, it is widely used in making home heating systems, motor vehicle radiators, air-conditioners, etc.

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Copper Solids, Copper Sludge, Copper Residue, Copper Powder, Copper Revert, Catalyst, Foundry Byproducts: these are the common forms of copper. Whether you want to buy or sell a large quantity of scrap copper – contact us.

We only deal with the commercial and industrial fields with large quantities of scrap copper and other metals. To get a quote or to know more, contact us today.

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Our copper processing is supported by materials that we buy from businesses in various industries. We recycle this material with the help of advanced and environmentally conscious procedures to extract copper raw material. We always take a conscious approach.

If you too want to handle recyclable materials in an economical and environmentally advantageous way, we can help. We have been providing materials to various industries such as automotive, construction, electrical, heating and cooling, military,  transportation, shipbuilding, etc. for years. You too can fully rely on our consistent supply of premium industrial copper. Let us get in touch.

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Whether you want to sell scrap metals or you want to buy custom items made of scrap metals, consider dealing with us. With years of experience, we have gathered a deep knowledge of markets around the globe.

Your satisfaction is our priority and we offer you the best prices in the industry. Every year, we recover thousands of tons of metals including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Also, if you want to purchase from us, we are here to provide you with personalized solutions. To get a quote for metal recovery and recycling – contact us today.

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