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At The Recycling Metal Venture, we are focused on all facets of the tungsten recycling procedure. Right from strategic capital investments to optimizing our process – we take care of it all. We take pride in being one of the premier global tungsten recycling groups in the business.

We specialize in recycling various metals including tungsten from various different industries such as manufacturing, power generation, medical, defence, mining, oil & gas, etc. Our experienced staff knows how to handle scrap metals in the best way possible.

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We come with extensive knowledge of industrial metals. Our innovative and cutting-edge plant lets us process and recycle all industrial metals to the highest standards. We are always willing to fulfil your tungsten recycling requirements.

Choose us for recycling your tungsten scrap and get the best deal for selling your unwanted material. We work with a variety of different industries such as wood processors, aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, manufacturing, machining shops, tool supplier companies, mining companies, oil and gas, construction, defence, etc. Get a quote now!

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From tungsten hard scrap, tungsten soft scrap, to tungsten alloys: we collect everything. Right from giving you a quote to payment – we follow a compact and transparent procedure. We first give you the price for your tungsten scrap. Once shipped and received, we will weigh and process that material and do the payment accordingly as quickly as possible.

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We buy tungsten from many different industries such as machining shops, mining companies, wood processors, manufacturers, etc. Also, we maintain a global network for selling tungsten recycled materials. This is how we tap into the network and find market opportunities that others miss.

This, in turn, helps the seller get a better value for their material. Our tungsten recycling process creates a consistent and dependable supply of raw materials that manufacturers can count on. We basically source tungsten from drills, inserts, sludge, powder, spent catalysts, etc. We help you recycle scrap tungsten for profit. Contact us to get a quote.

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Whether you want to sell scrap metals or you want to buy custom items made of scrap metals, consider dealing with us. With years of experience, we have gathered a deep knowledge of markets around the globe.

Your satisfaction is our priority and we offer you the best prices in the industry. Every year, we recover thousands of tons of metals including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Also, if you want to purchase from us, we are here to provide you with personalized solutions. To get a quote for metal recovery and recycling – contact us today.

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